Externship Experience at Exclusively Cat


Multiple aspects of feline medicine including:
- Internal medicine
- Discussion of complex case management
- Soft tissue surgery (elective surgeries, wound care and exploratory laparotomy)
- Oncology (diagnosis and treatment)
- Cardiology (via referral)
- Dentistry (including exodontics, endodontics, intra/extra oral radiography)
- Clinical pathology (in-house cytology, hematology, basic microbiology, urine analysis)
- Radiology (including feline specific enhancement techniques)
- Transfusion medicine
- Practice management (including review of clinic financial data and qualitative comparisons to known statistics)
- Computerized record keeping (including digital image storage and retrieval)
- Working with VIN database and discussion folders to enhance learning and practice

- Discussion of ABVP related affairs and pursuits


- Ability to communicate amicably and effectively and with staff and clients
- Ability to communicate amicably and effectively with patients
- Active AVMA, state VMA, and AAFP student membership
- VIN membership and active participation
- Three weeks or more of available time and reliable transportation
- A demonstrated commitment to excel in feline medicine
- Fluency in electronic medical record keeping and information retrieval
- Ideally, the student should have rotated through clinical pathology, radiology, and surgery.

- A positive attitude and cheerful disposition


- Email a letter of intent, available times and a copy of your curriculum vitae or resume, including clinical rotations that would precede your externship
- Letter (brief) of reference from a veterinary faculty member supporting your commitment to feline medicine
- Documentation regarding the externship process required by your college


For a printable version of our Feline Veterinary Externship Program, please follow the pdf link provided.